Empowering Financial Institutions with Rapid Deployment of Workplace or Personal Savings Products.

Amidst an increasing recognition of savings plans in the GCC and a growing need for financial well-being in the MENA region, the time is ripe for financial institutions to introduce transformative savings products. Leverage this opportunity with Equevu's SaaS.

Introducing Equevu's SaaS

Equevu's customizable, white-labeled SaaS platform

Actuarial Solutions UAE
Enables rapid market entry with cutting-edge, flexible technology.
Streamlines operations for cost and efficiency gains.
Prioritizes robust data privacy and security.

Experience Equevu's Cutting-Edge Technology

Get a glimpse of our user-friendly and innovative platform. Our technology is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for all users.

1. Personal Investment Platform

Personal Investment Platform

2. Workplace Savings Solution

Workplace savings plans United Arab Emirates

Versatility of Equevu's Technology

Equevu's technology serves as both a workplace savings solution and a standalone personal investment platform.

One Time Session

Workplace Savings Solution

  • Streamlines administrative tasks.
  • Equips each stakeholder - administrators, employers, employees, fiduciaries - with a user-friendly dashboard.

Personal Investment Platform

  • Offers robo-advisory for personalized investment guidance.
  • Supports automated portfolio management and real-time tracking.
Four Sessions

Choose the solution that best fits your business model and customer needs with Equevu.

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